TDK Drivetrain oil 0.5oz


TDK Drivetrain oil 0.5oz

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TDK Drivetrain oil 0.5oz

SKU: TKD01014

TDK Driver-train Oil took many months to get right, its a medium thick oil that has extremely high levels of additives to provide protection to high wear areas such Axles, CVAs and dog-bones. TDK Drivetrain Oil just like all our products is a safe, non-toxic, biodegradable lubricant. TDK Drivetrain Oil was made so it sticks onto the metal and doesn’t fling off the axles as the car accelerates to provide long lasting protection.

TDK Drivetrain oil is plastic safe so you can add a drop or two in your gear box for added protection!

Use liberally, drop 3-5 drops on each side of the CVA and move axle around so the oil gets into all the nooks and cranny s of the axle. Then wipe excess before running.

TDK Drivetrain oil was developed and made right here in the USA! 

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