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Xray X4 2024 – 1/10 LUXURY ELECTRIC Touring Car – Graphite Edition

Even before its official release, the anticipation surrounding this model has been palpable. The X4 platform has clinched every accolade within its grasp: from the World Champion title, European Champion honours, to triumphs in prestigious competitions like TITC and Snowbird, among countless others. To surpass such a legacy might seem an insurmountable challenge, but in the world of racing, there’s an inherent drive to evolve and seek out innovative solutions that push the boundaries of performance.

Introducing the new Xray X4 2024, a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence.

This latest evolution brings ground breaking innovations that will not only resonate with brand enthusiasts but will also leave its rivals reassessing their game plan. Racing is not just about speed; it’s about innovation, resilience, and the constant quest for improvement. Xray has always been at the forefront of this race, not just competing but setting the pace, and with the X4 24, they’ve raised the bar once again.

Every iteration is a product of rigorous testing, feedback, and refinement. The X4 platform’s successes were never a destination but a milestone. With the X4 24, we are not just introducing a new model but an enhanced racing experience. Expect innovative features, enhanced aerodynamics, superior handling, and the unparalleled performance that Xray has become synonymous with.

To say that Xray has once again shifted the paradigm would be an understatement. As with all things in racing, rest is short-lived. Victory today means setting sights on tomorrow’s challenges, and in that spirit, the X4 24 is not just a successor but a pioneer, charting the path forward.

For those who believe in the pinnacle of racing perfection, the X4 24 is not just a car; it’s a statement. Prepare to be enthralled.


New X4’24 Features

  • New suspension arms with relocated shock positions improve lower arm flex and reduce twist under load
  • Inner shock locations improve weight distribution with the shocks closer to the vehicle mid-line
  • Lower arms use under arm anti-roll bar mounting and reduce shock height by 4.5mm for ultra-low CG
  • Upper arms are shaped for clearance around the new shock position while maintaining proper suspension geometry and rigidity
  • Front and rear shock holders use shims to adjust shock positions in finer increments
  • Three different shock holder mounting options provide chassis flex alternatives to tune responsiveness and grip
  • Active or fixed rear shock holder configurations provide two dampening alternatives in one mount
  • Simplified shock absorber installation uses a fixed set screw to secure the threaded shock mount stud and prevent movement in the mount during maintenance
  • Front steering plates with improved Ackermann positions integrate with the new arms and shock positions
  • Rear ARS plates move the link forward for improved rotation
  • Improved ECS drive shaft case uses a C-clip to secure a new aluminium sleeve that captures the coupler pins without the use of set screws for improved reliability and easy assembly
  • Narrower chassis design reduces cornering drag, while additional material in the central motor area improves durability and reduces chassis fatigue
  • Updated chassis layout matches the new lower arms, shock holders and motor mount attachment points, while also moving the battery holder mounting points closer to the centreline to reduce chassis width
  • 3mm centring pins and an additional forward motor mount attachment point improve durability and expand flex adjustments to provide improved stability on high grip black carpet tracks.
  • Additional motor mount clearance for ESC wiring allows cleaner electronics installation
  • Bulkhead anti-roll bar locations are moved lower, along with a new ARS link position on the rear bulkheads, to match the improved suspension geometry
  • Rear graphite body post holder improves durability and stability, and offers 8 adjustment steps for even more precise horizontal body mount positioning

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