TDK Edge Tire Sauce 4oz


TDK Edge Tire Sauce 4oz

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TDK Edge Tire Sauce 4oz

SKU: TKD01017

Introducing TDK Edge Tire Sauce: Unleash the Ultimate Grip!

Revolutionize your racing experience with TDK Edge, the cutting-edge tire sauce designed to take your performance to the next level. Whether you’re tearing up the sealed track or conquering regular clay surfaces, TDK Edge delivers unparalleled grip and control, setting a new standard in tire performance enhancement.

Key Features:

  • Ultimate Grip on Sealed Tracks: TDK Edge is engineered for maximum traction on sealed track surfaces. Say goodbye to tire slippage and hello to superior grip that keeps you ahead of the competition.
  • Minimal Tire Deformation: Unlike its predecessor, Gen2, TDK Edge minimizes tire deformation. Your tires stay in optimal shape longer, ensuring consistent performance throughout your races.
  • Foam Destruction Reduction: TDK Edge is designed with care for your tires. Experience reduced foam destruction, extending the lifespan of your tires and saving you money in the long run.
  • Versatile Performance: TDK Edge isn’t limited to sealed tracks. It excels on various surfaces, offering grip comparable to Gen2 on clay while delivering exceptional results on sealed tracks.

Experience the Future of Tire Performance:

TDK Edge isn’t just a tire sauce; it’s a game-changer for racers seeking the ultimate competitive edge. Trust in TDK Repair’s commitment to innovation and quality as you harness the power of TDK Edge.  Targeted for racers of all skill levels, TDK Edge offers an accessible yet high-performance solution for those who demand the very best from their tires.

Don’t compromise on grip and durability. Elevate your racing experience with TDK Edge Tire Sauce and take control of the track like never before. Upgrade to TDK Edge today and redefine your racing success.

NOTE: Edge may freeze under 55F. This will not ruin the sauce, thaw until liquid and continue use.

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