HD POWER CABLE, Phono Jack To 4MM Bullets


HD Phono Jack To 4MM Bullets


HD Phono Jack To 4MM Bullets for SKYRC Warmers

Our new addition to the range of power leads from PITLANE  HOBBIES.

The new lead is to suit all tyre warmers and similar units that can be powered via a PSU or similar power supply.

The std power cable is in many instances is not robust enough for constant use under heavy draw circumstances. In particular when using these units on or over 70° temperatures.

The PITLANE lead is made up of 16AWG wire, coupled to a 5A capable phono jack and solid 4mm bullet connectors.
More than enough to handle 70 and 80° temperature’s which will draw huge currents from the base unit.

These are made in Melbourne Australia and are readily available.

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Weight .1 kg