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zooracing Anti Zr-0014-07 Standard

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ZooRacing ANTI ZR-0014-07 STANDARD

ANTI 190mm touring car body

ANTI is ZooRacing´s new high-performance touring car body. Developed from the experience with the super successful Wolverine body, but with more overall downforce and a more stable rear in mind.

Key areas, like a super low nose, a more steep bonnet, and arch-designed side windows were carefully optimized. The main body has a more wedge design to improve the airflow to the rear and create a lot more downforce.

For more fluent handling, the ANTI has a little more stretched cabin. The more homogeneous airflow behind the roof reduces drag and turbulences. A new inverted fin design on the trunk reduces turbulence and increases static stability at the rear section and results in a better approach flow to the newly designed rear wing.

The rear wing design is curved according to the body lines and has a step/fin design to improve stability. The result is less flex and more downforce on high speeds.

The handling with the ANTI body is less aggressive, than the Wolverine and allows a lot more overall stability. Especially at corner exits, it´s less critical to driving and gives more trust and confidence when accelerating. Perfect for modified racing, where downforce is needed, and stock racing for all, who are looking for a less aggressive body, than the Wolverine.

On top of that, all is the ZOOlite moulding process that reduces the overall weight of our standard thickness 0.7mm body shells by about 10g. This ensures the standard shells are legal for all races with minimum bodyweight rules, while significantly lowering the overall centre of gravity. In addition, ANTI is also available in our proven, lightweight 0.5mm variant for everyone looking for the utmost of performance.

Part of the package is also the revolutionary 2-step window masks that will ensure window frames of Pro quality. In the first step, all windows are masked using the Step 1 masks. After the painting of the body is completed, the masks will be removed and replaced by the slightly smaller Step 2 masks that leave the window frames exposed and ready to be painted in your favourite colour. The result is highly precise without the need to pre-cut or in-body-cut the window masks, ensuring greater satisfaction and fewer chances of creating predetermined breaking points. The body package is rounded out by high-quality wing mounting hardware and a detailed sticker sheet including grille, head, and tail-lights.


– CAD designed
– Specialized LCG body shell with a more realistic design and less aerodynamic drag
– Low, and yet realistic front end with sculptured hood and grille details
– Updated Wolverine-style roof section for less aerodynamic drag and higher cornering speeds
– Recessed roof to channel the airflow and to create greatly improved structural stability thanks to static reinforcement
– Structured rear end for anti-tuck capabilities
– Large wheel arches allow the body to be placed 4mm front or back (8mm in total)
– Large wheel arches ensure the tires will not rub in whatever position
– Anti-tuck capabilities with structured side skirts
– Static reinforcement on the hood. Especially useful when running the ultra-lightweight variant
– 0.5mm ultralight body weighs in at about 55g cut & including wing
– ZOOlite 0.7mm standard body weighs in at about 75g cut & including wing
– Detailed decal sheet
– 2-step window masks
– Wing mounting hardware
– 100mm grid on the rear truck lid for easy and convenient body mounting
– Designed to meet GBS rules

– EFRA/IFMAR approved for 2022

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