Raceform Wheel Arch Cutter, 1/10 60-70mm


Raceform RC Wheel Arch Cutter, 1/10 60-70mm

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Raceform Wheel Arch Cutter, 1/10 60-70mm

RACEFORM Make RC Life Easier, and with STYLE! Raceform is proud to launch its first ever on-road specific pit accessories. This PERFECT WHEEL ARC CUTTER is the only tool that is able to trim a perfect wheel arc over and over again without any hassle. Not only that, your body looks better than ever, improved performance thru better air flow and save you from damaging your nicely painted body during trimming.

A Perfect Wheel Arc ensure proper air flow and results in a more predictable drive. HOW? Because you can have a 100% symmetrical wheel arc left and right!
Also this cutter tool eliminates the pain of damaging a wonderfully painted shell during trimming of the wheel arc.

Perfect Wheel Arc Cutter is specially designed for 1/10 Touring.

1) Adjustment from 60mm to 70mm Diameter
2) Works with any standard hobby knife blade
3) Secured Position Design, ensure the tool does not move if 2 or more cut is required, eliminating 2nd cut line
4) Tri Bearing position, making 100% perfect arc possible
5) Suitable for lexan up to 1mm
6) Super Safe, cutting blade is not exposed during cutting


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