Raceform RC 1/10 On Road Tyre Glueing Jig


Raceform RC 1/10 On Road Tyre Glueing Jig

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RACEFORM RC Gluing Tires Like a Pro, 1/10 Touring & Mini Made Easy

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Tired of tire gluing woes? Introducing the Lazer Jig, a game-changer for your 1/10 touring and mini racing! This innovative jig tackles the toughest gluing challenges with ease, making it a must-have for serious racers.

Here’s why the Lazer Jig is your new best friend:

One Jig, Two Classes: Say goodbye to juggling multiple jigs! The Lazer Jig seamlessly adjusts to fit both 1/10 touring and mini wheels and tires. No more fuss, just pure gluing efficiency.

Effortless Bead Openers: Forget finger fatigue and CA glued fingertips! The new double clincher roller peels tire beads like magic, making the process a breeze.

No Wobble, All Control: The anti-seesaw fastener keeps your wheel rock-steady, when gluing the inner side. Say goodbye to messy spills and uneven gluing.

Simple as 1-2: Two lever positions (open and close) are all you need to master the Lazer Jig.

Precise Application: Two metal nozzle applicators (thin viscosity CA glue recommended) let you apply glue with pinpoint accuracy. No more wasted glue, just perfect performance.

The Lazer Jig isn’t just a tool, it’s a performance upgrade. Consistent, precise gluing translates to better handling and faster lap times on the track. So ditch the frustration and embrace the Lazer Jig. Your tires will thank you.

Bonus: Detailed instructions and a Team Raceform decal are included.

Get ready to impress your fellow racers with your newfound gluing skills!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the images for a closer look at this revolutionary jig!

  • NEW DOUBLE Clincher Roller designed to “peel” tire beads just like finger action
  • NEW DESIGNED Anti see-saw effect fastener knob keeps the wheel flat to the disc during innerside gluing, making the process even faster
  • Ultra simple operation with 2 lever position (open and close)
  • Under Side Foam to prevent scratches on your Pit Board and reduce slip.
  • Precisely Machined from Plexiglas 
  • Perfect and consistent gluing

Comes with 2x metal nozzle applicator (thin viscosity CA glue recommended) and a Team Raceform Decal and detailed instructions

Design protected under Intellectual Property rights.

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