Raceform 1/10 On Road Rear Mount Body Post Tracer


Raceform 1/10 On Road Rear Mount Body Post Tracer

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RACEFORM RC Make RC Life Easier, and with STYLE!

RaceformRC is proud to introduce the Lazer Tracer, accurately locating the location of the body post in 1/10 On-road chassis, particularly the new system for the Horizontal Rear Body Post from most chassis, tracing the location over to a new body shell.

It is a Self-Centering system that enables the holes to be perfectly aligned to the chassis.

This 1/10 ON-ROAD PRO BODYPOST LAZER TRACER (Horizontal Rear Body Post System) is the only tool that is able TRACE the position of the body post, PERFECTLY and PRECISELY, onto the bodyshell in preparation for reaming.

Be it unpainted or painted, it is the only risk free tool in the world that saves you time and stress, and also a system that will change how we locate the bodypost position.

Your body will look better than ever, improved consistency between changing bodies, and save you from damaging your nicely painted body. With a Perfect Self Centering System, you are assured of proper air flow and results in a more predictable drive.

Especially in the new Horizontal Rear Body Post Mounting system from most chassis, locating the holes correctly is a challenge, even for pros.

1/10 ONROAD Specific PRO BODYPOST LAZER TRACER (Horizontal Rear Body Post System) is specially designed for 1/10 Onroad Racing.


  • Any Chassis, Any Bodyshells, Touring, FWDs and GTs
  • Precise Self Centring system
  • Works both unpainted or painted Super Easy to use
  • Unique measuring system to ensure consistency
  • Makes reaming multiple bodies of different brand or model super easy


Other Classes will be available soon!

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