Team Powers XPS Sport V4BT 1S Speed Control



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Improvements based on XPS Pro V3 1S:

🚀 Introducing the XPS Sport V4BT(1S) Speed Control
Elevate Your Performance!
🔥 Unleash the Power:
Our all-new XPS Sport V4BT(1S) is a game-changer! Say goodbye to limitations and hello to adrenaline-fuelled speed.
BEC Boost: With a max output of ~8A at 6V, it’s like turbocharging your ride. No more holding back!
🌟 Precision Redefined:
We’ve upgraded to a 32-bit MCU, delivering ultra-smooth responsiveness. Your throttle and braking control? Razor-sharp.
Top-End Thrills: More power, same setup. The XPS Sport V4BT(1S) takes you to the edge and beyond.
🌡 Cool Under Pressure:
Our redesigned PCB layout and internal hardware mean business. Heat? Not a problem.
Chill Factor: Expect temperatures around 10°C lower than the competition. Even the Radon Pro v4.1 sweats in comparison.
Track-Ready: Remove the cooling fan for small to medium races. Modify or stock, we’ve got you covered.
📱 Smart Connectivity:
Meet the future: External Bluetooth compatibility. Advanced programming and firmware updates via our slick Mobile APPS.
iOS & Android: Yep, we’ve got both covered. Stay ahead of the curve.
📊 Real-Time Insights:
Dive deep with Mobile APPS: Current input, throttle dynamics, temperature, RPM, advanced timing, voltage, and more.
Data-Driven Dominance: Make informed decisions on the fly.
🔘 One Touch, Infinite Possibilities:
Built-in On/Off switch for convenience. Plus, seamless external switch support.
Power at Your Fingertips: No fuss, just action.
📏 Compact & Mighty:
Size: ~42x32x17mm (without fan). Small footprint, colossal performance.
Weight: ~38g (wiring and fan not included). Lightweight, heavy on impact.
🔧 Tech Specs:
Controls: Forward/Brake/Reverse
Input Voltage: 1S LiPo
BEC: 6V/7.4V selection, max ~8A @6V
Motor Limit: 5.5T or higher
Max Current: ~110A per phase
Get ready to redefine speed, precision, and control. The TEAMPOWERS XPS Sport V4BT(1S) is coming soon, and it’s a force to be reckoned with!

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