SUNPADOW 2S Lipo Battery 7.4V 120C 6000mAh


SUNPADOW 6000mAh-2S2P-7.4V-120C/60C Lipo Battery Platin JA0001

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After many rounds of testing and feedback from many top drivers, Sunpadow’s R&D team has continuously improved its formula and is now officially launching the first product of the new Platin series of model car battery CS 6000mAh.

This battery has excellent discharge capacity and lightweight design, especially for the needs of electric car STOCK competition project, by adjusting the product formula structure, adding the latest high-tech lithium-ion battery TT synergistic material, the battery weight is compared with the 6000mah of the BRICS series.

The reduction is 4%, and there is also a significant improvement in terms of improving power and reducing the internal resistance of the battery. Powerful discharge performance and a more balanced frame weight distribution make it easier to win the game. Only the first-hand experience can feel its power!

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