MTS Race OPT 1/10 FFV3 Pro Touring FWD Car Kit

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Car Kit

MTS FFV3 is developed by Race opt and SNRC Team in which all new design
features we focus on race purpose. In this time FF V3 adapt the new Membrane
Absorber system and RAS shock system that can lead to have quick steering
response and faster rebounce movement in turn to to reduce the steering time.

Carbon Fibre Suspension Arm

All suspension arm are made of carbon fibre material to connect with
aluminium holder to provide a stable and accurate steering. Besides, the arm is
installed with low rolling center to provide more rolling effect with more

Membrane Absorber System

The suspension arm and chassis connected between by the Membrane Absorber
to reduce the rebounce movement time in turn to have less time to complete the
steering. It is very useful especially in high traction track. Besides, there
are different thickness of Membrane absorbers or Tighten collars to adjust its
rebounce strength.

Chassis Height Adjustment

The suspension arm can be adjusted up/down by shimming the collar under
the suspension arm holder in turn to adjust the chassis height above the ground.

No C-hub Design

No C-hub is required and should come up the maximum 8′ degree cluster

Steering Block with Bearing Holder

The new steering block is hold by the aluminum joint holder with 4pcs
5x5x2.5 bearings installed to have more smooth steering.

Front Cluster Selection

It have three kind of steering block holders with 2′, 4′ and 6′ degree

Rear Toe In Adjustment

The rear toe in can be adjusted through the screw changed location in
rear side aluminium arm joint holder. 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 rear toe in can be

Universal Drive Shaft

Front drive shaft is using universal drive shaft with more smooth
movement in steering. Besides, it is made of spring steel material to have high
strength reliability.

Direct Lever Anti-Roll Bar

Front and rear are installed with lever type anti-roll bar in the chassis
with quicker response than conventional roll bar design. Besides, Its
installation is easy with 1.6,1.8 and 2.0 hardness selection.

RAS Shock Absorber

New RAS Shock absorber with hard-coated that is more reliable than old
version one. Besides, it use double O-ring to hold the shaft to reduce the
piston friction more than the conventionl one using single O-ring.

RAS Conical Shock Body

The shock body area inside is conical shape. It will get more damping in
the first steering. After that, it will be under damping to avoid the over
traction rolling. That is useful especially in high traction track.

Chassis Flex Adjustment

With maximum 8 combinations to adjust the chassis flexing through the
center mount to adapt different track layout condition.

Upper Desk Raise Up

“Upper desk is raised up 1mm to have more chassis flexing to get better
traction and more steering. Besides, it allows the thicker battery to be
installed. ”

Battery and Servo Mount Weight Advanced to Front

The mounting battery position and servo mount is advanced 3mm to the
front when compared with FFV2. In other words, it can get more traction at front
tire with better acceleration. Besides, the shorty pack battery can be installed
with the change the length of the battery holder.

Motor Position at Center

Motor position move back to Chassis center at the front to get more
balance in Left/Right steering.

Easy Installation of Gear Differential and Belt

Gear differential set and belt can be easily removed through the new
design of front pulley holder.

One Belt Drive System

It is one belt drive system instead of gear set with smooth acceleration
and better reliability.

Front Shock Tower with Wire and Sensor Mounting Holes

New front shock tower design with wire and sensor holes to hold up all
wires from the speed control to have clean appearance.

High Strength Steel Material Part

CVD, Front spool, Turnbuckle, Front pulley shaft, roll bar… etc are all
made of spring steel material. Ball end is made of 2Cr13 with glossy surface.

Carbon fibre Part

Include 14pcs high grade(T700) carbon graphite material

High Strength Screw Part

Include high strength level 10.9 steel alloy screws with golden color for
better outlook appearance.

Fan Mount Part

The new fan mount can support 30mm and 40mm fan. Besides, it is lower
down the fan a little bit to avoid touching the car body

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